On Writing

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Our Approach

By making a connection through carefully considered and targeted writing, our clients are provided more than just content. Thought-provoking and expressive writing ensures that the core vitality of our client's business is conveyed to audiences. Well-researched and cohesive writing can appeal to the logical and reasonable side of a given argument.

Our process begins with a thorough review of a company's existing marketing material. We get to know how the company works, and how that knowledge is being presented to potential customers. By combining knowledge of what is and what isn't working, we're then able to establish a communication framework that can have verifiable results.

Our Experience

The previous writing experience of the NMS LLC staff has supplied meaningful material for blog posts, brochures, newsletters, web pages, newspapers, print publications, press releases, copywriting, short fiction and scriptwriting. Please inquire for a price list or sample of any of these subject areas:

  • Content and copy for web sites, newsletters, blog posts and customer reviews
  • Press releases for web, print, radio and broadcast
  • Copywriting for brochures, advertising
  • Research articles
  • White papers for technical, legal or scientific purposes
  • Short fiction and scriptwriting for commercial use

Helping to unlock your business potential

Writing that connects to your core audience

As the philosopher Alan Watts once said, "The menu is not the meal."

Writing is simply a way to facilitate greater understanding between you and your audience. NMS LLC understands that we are not the meal itself, but our role is to make the menu imperceptibly more appetizing.